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Pillows & Props is here! Plus more freebies

Hi yogi!

I hope you've had a good week and that you're looking after yourself. Thank you so much if you attended one of my classes this week or checked out my morning lives on Facebook/Instagram. It was absolutely terrifying to do for the first time and I barely slept at all on Sunday night as I felt so nervous but the baptism of fire approach worked well on me, as by doing it every day the nerves gradually faded away. I do hope you enjoyed them but if you missed them, they're still available in my feed on either platform.

Not that you will need to be checking out the archive on Monday morning as I will be launching the week with a LIVE at 8am! I'll be focussing on Monday, Friday and Sunday for lives this week and varying between energising, gentle wake up and a more traditional sun salutation flow.

Do check out my timetable for the coming week here to see the plan for the lives, as well as my classes which can be joined live, or caught up on demand by video.

Pillows and Props is finally here!

I'm so excited that Pillows and Props is coming up on Friday evening at 8pm.

I've had some great interest in this yummy restorative flow and I know that it will be such a lovely practice, leaving you feeling peaceful, restored and ready for a great night's sleep.

A restorative practice is very slow paced, and you use pillows, blankets, snuggly socks or whatever you like to make yourself truly comfortable in each pose and allow you to completely relax and rest mentally, physically and emotionally.

I really hope you'll join me for this practice. You don't need to worry about having your camera on, come in your pjs or your snuggliest loungewear and just listen to my gentle instructions to help you unwind. If you haven't joined a class yet then what a fantastic use of your free first class!

New perspectives, new intentions

Thank you so much if you managed to join me for a class this week. It was lovely to have you practise with me and I hope to see you on the mat again soon.

If you haven't already, I would be incredibly grateful if you would consider writing a short testimonial for me to include on my website, ideally accompanied by a headshot. Please email directly to As a thank you, you will receive 50% off your next class. You will also receive this thank you for popping a review on my Facebook page.

Remember, all classes are available on demand so if you can't join a class live, or would rather skip the live and follow along in your own time, you will receive a recording of the class with your booking.

If you're yet to join a class, remember that your first class is free! Just ping me an email/DM and I'll provide you with a coupon code to use when booking. Otherwise, classes are currently £8 per household.

Sending so much love and strength to you this week,

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