Emma Farr

Victoria's class was beautiful and just what I needed. It was the perfect combination of energising and relaxing. Her class allowed me to move my body after a day stuck at the desk and relax an overbearing mind. Victoria is so welcoming and creates a safe space so all can practise yoga, giving modifications throughout and allows people to explore what feels good in their unique bodies. Thank you, Victoria, can’t wait to come back next week!

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Libby Wood

I really enjoyed the 6pm vinyasa flow class - it took my mind straight off work and I slept better that evening than I had for weeks. The class suited me as I struggle to head to the gym for a yoga class at the end of a working day. Victoria was really relaxed in her teaching style, very calm in her delivery and as a not very experienced yogi, I found the class very accessible due to the different options provided throughout. 


Victoria Hingley

Victoria’s yoga class was just what I needed to start my week! I have previously taken yoga classes and having not done them for a while this was great to be able to do from the comfort of my own home. Victoria made the class relaxing yet it also challenged me. It made me recognise areas I need to work on and it felt so good to just fully focus on my body for a whole hour. It took my mind away from the stresses and strains of daily life and I also had a great night sleep afterwards. I am looking forward to joining in on more sessions soon! Thank you Victoria!

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(male beginner)

Thanks so much for the online class and, in particular, for accommodating my injury. I am recovering from muscle and lower back issues and yoga/Pilates has been recommended to help recover. You were thorough in checking my ability prior to the class and attended to my needs during the class whilst ensuring others weren’t disadvantaged. Hard to do over zoom so thank you! I feel good today :) 

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Becci Hadzi

Victoria’s style of teaching yoga feels like she’s holding you in her arms with a safe, supportive space to explore how you feel in your own body. Her focus on breath awareness in class really allows you to dig that little bit deeper into your yoga experience. Victoria has such a lovely way of teaching that feels accessible for all whilst allowing you to explore what feels right for you on that day. I finished my class with a big smile on my face, a body that felt more open and free and a mind that felt soothed and relaxed. Thank you again Victoria!