Zoom classes

Energising morning flow

Wednesdays 8:30am (30 min)

All-body flow to gently ease you into your body, release any tightness or tension, and prepare your body and mind for the day ahead.

All levels of experience, fitness and flexibility are welcome. 

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Gentle wind-down flow

Tuesdays 6:00pm (40 min)

A gentle flow designed to bring calm, balance and help you relax; releasing any tension in your mind and body through dynamic movement followed by an extended wind-down sequence and calming breathwork.

All levels of experience, fitness and flexibility are welcome. 

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Wellbeing practice

Tuesdays 6:45pm (30 min)

Explore a combination of self-care and mindfulness techniques, such as breathwork, meditation, and self-massage, and look to develop a toolkit  to help look after your mental and physical health, improve sleep, and lower stress and anxiety levels.


Pricing and how to book:

My live group classes are currently being taught as part of the Better Body Club, a team of teachers based in Hampshire and offering a variety of classes, including yoga, pilates, dance fitness, HIIT, and two new wellness groups focussing on balancing your immune system and improving your mental health.


There are a number of different payment options to suit all appetites and means, and classes are booked through MindBody. Classes are all taking place live on Zoom at present and at last count there were more than 100 classes running every month!

Head to the Better Body Club website to find out more, or skip straight to booking a class.

Monthly membership

  • Unlimited classes (100+ on offer)

  • Access to library of pre-recorded classes

  • £45 per month (£80 for couples)

  • Does not automatically renew so you're not 'locked in'

  • Just 3 classes a week will work out at £3.75 a class!

  • Runs from 1st of the month

Block of 5 classes

  • Save £5 compared to PAYG

  • Use across all classes

  • One-off payment of £30

  • Valid for 2 months

Pay as you go

  • One-off payment of £7

  • Flat rate for all classes/sessions